Policies and Principles



A. General

Myjob99.com is a public site having free access to common users. The site aims at providing services for public interest as well as for the interest of the common people especially for the Job Seekers, Employers and other relevant Users. The sources of information displayed in the site include different newspapers, print media, internet,  individuals and companies and other relevant sources. Myjob99.com assumes no liability for the quality and genuineness of information so gathered, compiled and published in this website accordingly. The Users may like to conduct its own background checks on the bonafide nature of any information provided in here.

Myjob99.com is not an Employer itself.  The site only provides information links to the job opportunities and the like to the intended users and visitors.  Myjob99.com should not be liable for reasons of any inaccuracy of information on this website. It is the responsibility of the respective users/ visitors to further cross check and research the information on the website.

My job99.com does not guarantee confidentiality of any information as displayed on the website. Any breach of privacy regarding to providing the information to this website for the public interest and for the interest of the common job seekers and employers is not the responsibility of Myjob99.com

B.   Cost of Job Advertisements and Banner  Advertisements

Myjob99.com is a voluntary attempt to aid the common Job Seekers to find gainful employment opportunities in an easily accessible website.  The aim is to bring the Job Seekers and the Employers on the same Page.

Myjob99.com would like to display job advertisements and related banners free of cost at this promotional stage of implementation of the project.